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San Jose & San Francisco AEDs

Welcome to San Francisco AED Defbrillators

You have arrived to the best place for buying a defibrillator and training your staff in how to use an AED also known as an Automated External Defibrillator in San Francisco. After much research, we have decided to sell the Heartsine brand of AED's. The Heartsine AED is simple to use, compact, has a great price, and has a 10 year warranty. If you are in the market for purchasing an AED, please take some time to view our site. My name is Charles and you call me anytime if you have any questions about AED's. 

Medical Direction also known as medical supervision is an integral part of owning a defibrillator. The medical direction is a requirement under California law but it is easy to set up. 

The prices for AED's have dropped significantly over the past few years. We sell the Heartsine PAD 300 for $1295. However, there are other costs to consider such as a wall unit with alarm, medical direction, and training of your staff. 

Many companies use the excuse of liability concerns as a reason for not implementing an AED program in their workplace. There are many laws on the state level and the federal level which protects the rescuer while performing CPR or using an AED in an emergency. No one has ever been successfully sued for using an AED. However, there have been successful lawsuits against companies, schools, churches, and counties who did not have an AED available for use. 

We are able to provide certified CPR and AED courses at your location in San Francisco or anywhere else in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you have 14 or more students to train, we can teach the AED class at your company. Or we offer certified classes in our comfortable classroom in San Francisco or Concord, CA. 

We are able to come out to your business to give you a free demonstration on how the Heartsine AED can save lives. The demonstration by one of our certified instructors takes about 15 minutes. Our instructor will answer any questions you have about the device, medical direction, prices, and liability issues. 

Bay Area CPR Classes in San Francisco